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Let us succeed together

We offer our customers a wide variety of solutions for different needs in video conferencing. Our software development works directly from inside the company and our service desk is completely our own. This guarantees that all work smoothly which means that you get the best possible service.

So whether it's video conferencing hardware and its accessories or browser-based video conferencing without any additional configurations for your company's needs - get in touch with us.

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Arctic Connect operates within the given guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Installation works are done by taking care of the social distancing and hygienic guidelines and for our employees we offer remote working capabilities.


Our solutions

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Software development

One of our greatest strengths is our in-house software development. The Rovaniemi based development team is top of its industry and adapts seemlessly to latest trends and demands and makes it possible to make all kinds of integrations with professionalism like anywhere else. background. Nightly sight and in the middle a login form to join a conference in our platform.


Does having multiple applications and hardware solutions with no interconnectivity cause headaches? Our Trueconnector platform connects browser-based conferencing with H.323, SIP and Teams worlds, giving you an easy access to video conferencing with streaming and recording possibilities. Read more...

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Social and healthcare

Our experience from the social and healthcare industry spans all the way to our first days in the business and we have gathered a massive understanding and knowledge about the needs and services catered for it from metering devices to elderly care.

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Service desk

Just like our development team, our service desk works inside the company so we have not outsourced our biggest asset when it comes to serving our customers. We solve the problems with efficiency.

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Small room installations

Our installation service keeps getting positive feedback consistently regarding the quality of our installations and we are indeed proud of our quality standards. Small spaces often work wonders when looking for video conferencing rooms and optimizing room efficiency.

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Big space installations

Over the years we've done countless installations on bigger auditoriums where we take into account everything from audio solutions to having multiple cameras and connecting it all to an efficient video conferencing entity that can be used for example for streaming and recording.


Collaborate with any participants using any devices of their choice, from legacy H.323 endpoints to HTML5 web browsers - at any location. Offering a native compatibility with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business environments. Connects Teams, Skype for Business, IP phones and PSTN environments. Trueconnector is the new unifying transcoder between Teams, Skype for Business and virtually any enterprise videoconferencing endpoints. It enables Teams and Skype for Business customers to interact with any SIP or H.323 videoconferencing endpoints, mobile devices, SIP phones or computers with web browsers. Trueconnector supports numerous codecs and standards such as H.263, H.263++, H.264, H.264 SVC (UCIF Profiles 0, 1), H.265, VP8, and RTVideo and call signaling protocols such as H.323, SIP, WebRTC and Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. All this can be transcoded between different codecs and translated between different protocols. Trueconnector automatically transcodes all of the industry content sharing standards, H.239 (for H.323), BFCP (for SIP), RDP (for Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business), and VP8 (for WebRTC). This means that such that content can be presented and received across legacy and latest videoconference endpoints, mobile apps, IP Phones, web browsers as well as on Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business clients.


Along the years we've worked closely together with many companies. Below are a few of them.

City of Helsinki

Oulunkaaren kuntayhtymä

Kolpeneen tuki- ja osaamiskeskus


Pohjois-Suomen sosiaalialan osaamiskeskus


Lapin Ensi- ja turvakoti

Vaasan Sairaanhoitopiiri

City of Rovaniemi

Pello municipality

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Better video conferencing

We had our humble beginning in 2006 in Rovaniemi as a provider for remote connection professionals. Along the years we have expanded our solutions through our own software development and installation services.

Arctic Connect Ltd is an advanced Finnish video conferencing professional company. We are specialized in carrying out the most demanding customer communication solutions through our experience as a video conferencing provider.

We are able to take advantage of the most efficient video conferencing solutions for our customers' communication needs. Through our own video conferencing software development we are able to offer better video conferencing.

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